CLEARWATER -- Keith's Kettle Restaurant in Clearwater is under new ownership.

Keith Olson, and his wife Jan, have sold the business after 14 years after deciding to retire. The couple owned the business since 2001 when it was known as the "Ole Kettle."

Rory Amundson is the new owner of the restaurant and says this is the type of business he has always wanted.

"For the last eight years we've taken steps to purchase places but nothing felt right. Then recently we saw this place was on the market and jumped at the chance." says Amundson.

Amundson and his wife have about 30 years of combined experience in the restaurant business. He has work for D. Michael B's in Albertville and Alexandria, and as a regional chef for Granite City Food and Brewery.

"I was a regional chef at Granite City Food and Brewery for seven years and had nine restaurants underneath me which was challenging so I felt like I was up for the challenge with one family restaurant," says Amundson.

He says he doesn't plan on making many changes to the restaurant but says he will change the name to "The Kettle."

"Most everyone in town calls it "The Kettle" so we decided to go with that, but we are not making many changes because of the loyal customer base we have," says Amundson.

Amundson has lived in Clearwater for the last 10 years. He officially took over as owner on August 1st.


Keith's Kettle Restaurant (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)