ST. CLOUD - A top local supplier in public safety equipment, KEEPRS has opened a new public retail store on Division Street in St. Cloud.

KEEPRS started in the 1990’s after a St. Joseph Officer tragically lost his life. On January 29th, 1996, Officer Brian Klinefelter was shot several times during a traffic stop and died. Three years later, Klinefelter's wife Wendy and two brothers Jason and Greg opened KEEPRS (Klinefelter's Enforcement & Emergency Product, Resource and Supply).

Current president of KEEPRS, John Tragiai, says the store was created with the goal to serve all law enforcement officers with the equipment they need to be safe on the job.

"Last year there was an officer up north that was shot, and it was his bullet proof vest that saved his life-and he bought that vest from us, there is no better feeling to know that you helped save someones life," Tragiai says.

KEEPRS was originally located in Sauk Rapids. The new store is now at 3535 West Division Street, formerly home to the Giant Wash Laundromat. The new location offers 7,000 feet of space.

With the expanded space, KEEPRS now has a retail area open to the public-which includes a realistic firearm training simulator that can be used by both law enforcement and the general public.

"This simulator offers close to 100 different scenarios for civilians to use in conceal and carry type situations," Tragiai says.

For more, visit the KEEPRS website.


The new KEEPRS location off of Division Street in St. Cloud. (Dan DeBaun, WJON News)