ST. CLOUD -- Managing your money is often an overlooked skill for kids to learn before they get into the real world.

Junior Achievement offers classes to students K-12 on anything from career goals to balancing your check book.

District Manager Alli Herold says they talk about the value of money in Kindergarten.

"At Kindergarten we're talking about the value of money, careers their parents have, so each grade has a particular level we are teaching them at."

Herold says each grade has something new for students to learn about and anyone can help out in the classroom.

"There are no requirements from volunteering, we talk people from all different careers. Our staff does train them so they are prepared to go into the classroom."


Junior Achievement works with 33 schools in the Central Minnesota Area and helped over 8,500 kids last year.

This story was written by WJON Intern Jacob Lundy.