I have to say I don't know if I've ever been quite this excited about getting in shape. I've been learning about eating better, exercise and trying to fit everything in to make lifestyle changes for myself and my kids, and keep them in check.

I have to admit, I will do well for a while, and then, something happens. A change in the weather, a change at work, or a change at home...and my plan falls apart.

I've managed to keep off the weight that I've lost over the past year, but I've come to a halt. NOW! The halt is OVER!


I'll be joining my co workers for a friendly challenge of THE BIGGEST LOSER at Rejuv Medical in Waite Park. Now..I want YOU to join my team!  It's always easier to do when you've got good friends to help hold you accountable. Let's do this together! JOIN MY TEAM by calling Rejuv....Tell them that you want to join my team.

We will have group work outs, and you can always work out individually.  I received the results of my metabolic Rate, and my body composition. Those results actually tell me how much muscle, fat and body content I'm made of. Also based on all of the results I've received I have a plan for calorie intake for days when I'm exercising, and those days when I'm not.

Tom was great at explaining what will happen, and also showed me an example of 5 pounds of muscle vs. 5 pounds of fat!  Wow. When I saw that, It stopped me from worrying about my actual weight. My concern is how much muscle vs fat is on my body! So...here we go.  I'm all in.   Let's do this together!