ST. JOSEPH - The college of Saint Benedict hosted its Women's Night Out event today, featuring guest speaker Joan Steffend- a former TV news anchor and HGTV host.

During her speech, Steffend discussed the numerous challenges she's faced working in the media over the years.

"My first job in television was in Duluth and I was told there was no place for women in television. The World doesn't always come out to be your cheerleader," Steffend said.

Steffend has spend almost thirty years in the media. She was an Emmy winning news reporter and anchor at Kare 11 News in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

She has also been a host for the HGTV program “Decorating Cents” for 10 years

Steffend recently released a book last year called "Peace In Peace Out"She has also started her own non-profit organization called “Peace Begins With Me“.



(Photo: Dan DeBaun, WJON News)