ST. CLOUD -- Jesse Ventura visited Barnes and Noble in St. Cloud on Saturday for a book signing of an updated version of his New York Times Bestseller American Conspiracies.

"The fun thing about this book, I think, is you don't have to read it in order," Ventura says. "And it's as exciting as a Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn novel."

Ventura says his book tackles conspiracy theories involving a wide range of political issues without taking a political stance.

"This great country requires us to be vigilant citizens," Ventura says. "We've been made to believe today that if you question your government, you're unpatriotic when the truth is it's the opposite."

"Our forefathers told us for this experiment to work, it requires us to be vigilant citizens and we're dropping the ball."

The former Minnesota governor visited with the crowd about some of the new information in his book before signing autographs and taking pictures with those who came out to the event.

"I don't do that much public stuff anymore, so it's enjoyable [to visit with people]," Ventura says. "And generally, if people are coming to [a signing of] a book you've written, they like you to begin with and you don't get too many adversaries -- and that always makes life go easier."

St. Cloud was his last stop in his book signing tour in Minnesota after having stopped in Edina and Rochester earlier this week.

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON