I know it sounds funny, but all of my kids love coffee. I don't know how that happened. It was probably the trips their mom made to every foo foo coffee shop on the planet. But as I'm trying to change my food habits, it seems my kids are changing theirs as well. The oldest, Drew, loves a great cup of gourmet coffee. Now, Tanner and Mason have started drinking it too...and they are enjoying it straight up...black coffee...No foo foo needed.

This started to make me wonder? Is drinking coffee okay for kids?  I've searched the web for the good and bad on coffee. Basically, don't add sugar or cream, and it sounds like black coffee can have a great deal of benefits, including relief from fatigue, healthier social gatherings than in the past, coffee over alcohol;

However, beware of side effects. Insomnia, anxiety, and chronic back pain! Yes! I just found out that drinking coffee can weaken your adrenal glands, which sit right on top of the kidneys above the lower back, and can zap vital nutrients. Coffee drinking should be kept in moderation, just like anything else we can have too much of.