BROWERVILLE  (AP) — An Indiana man says he forgives his parents for allegedly abducting his son nearly 20 years ago, and says he's eager to be reacquainted with him.

Richard Wayne Landers Sr. says he wants to tell his son, Michael Landers, he loves him but doesn't have know his phone number.

Meanwhile, community members in Browerville -- the town where Landers grew-up with his grandparents --  don't know a lot about the family.  Tom Steinmetz says they were a quiet family that kept to themselves.

Meanwhile, A dairyman says he was stunned to learn that one of his workers is accused of abducting his 5-year-old grandson nearly 20 years ago in an Indiana custody dispute. Patrick Lunemann of Twin Eagle Dairy near Clarissa says the grandfather has worked as a herdsman for him for more than a decade.

The grandparents, Raymond and Susan Iddings, raised Landers on a farm just north of Browerville, where they also home schooled him.

Landers now lives in Long Prairie with his wife.

Michael Landers seems to have understood his circumstances and lived willingly with his grandparents.

He changed his name to Michael from Richard Wayne Landers Jr. in 2006.