I don't know where the time goes, but I know that last night when I saw one of my longest standing friends from grade school, I felt like a kid all over again.


Ann and I met through the third of our grade school trio, Amy, in 4th grade. We became immediate friends, laughing and talking through Mrs. Skavnak's homeroom class. We learned quickly that sitting together wasn't going to result in a good education.

We saw eachother at the doorway of Craguns' and were jumping for joy, just like we were getting ready for a weekend party when we were children.

Ann is still the same. I think I had tears in my eyes all night long as we sat and reminisced over dinner. The wake up call that it had been 21 years since we had seen eachother last, was both of us digging out our bifocals to read the menu! What?!

Kelly Cordes


As I mentioned earlier, we had a trio. It was just Ann, Amy & Kelly. We played our own little crazy things on the playground. Meowma, Puffy and Tuffy.  Just like I'm Radio Mom at the stations, I was Cat mom in our pretend playground world. Puffy and Tuffy were my kittens. I guess I'm still Meowma!!!!  Ann and I decided it wouldn't be appropriate to meet without including our bestie Amy, so we sent our picture to her, and she was so surprised, she immediately sent this picture of shock back!  We then called her and had a great conversation that went by way too fast.


Now that we've actually reconnected in the real world, we've vowed to never let our busy lives keep us apart for another 20 years! Facebook is a great way to find your friends and keep up with them, but nothing replaces seeing them face to face. I love you Ann!!!!