Today I stepped on the scale and had a set back. I've been looking forward to my weigh in today, because I thought that I'd been having a really good weight loss week. But alas, I was disappointed. Very disappointed. Dropping pounds over several weeks, very very slowly, but dropping, just to see a 2 pound weight gain today, when that was the last thing I was expecting.

So after pouting for about 40 minutes, I started looking at what my week really looked like. Did I really stick to my plan? All week long? Truthfully, honestly?  The answer is: NO.  It's true that I did stick to my food plan...eating my fiber 90 bars for breakfasts and snacks.  Eating my healthy supper:  baked potato, greens, and a lean meat.

But over the weekend, I ate foods off my plan. Even though I had a bowl of Special K cereal, I also had it with two slices of toast. I also had coffee this week. 100 calories that I could have lived without about 4 days out of 7.  What else? I ate rice krispy treats yesterday.  The sad thing is, I've said no to doughnuts, and other breakfast items over the past two weeks, but this time, I didn't say no. And it shows. What's so frustrating is I KNOW BETTER! Lesson learned. Here's what HAS been working for me:

  • 1500 calories a day
  • Use my fitnesspal to keep me on track
  • walking walking walking
  • Getting enough sleep

Those things have helped me lose about a pound a week for the past few weeks. So I need to UP my exercise, and stick with the food plan. I haven't been hungry. I haven't had cravings. I just broke over and had "Visual" cravings the past few days, so I think that was my downfall.

STICK TO YOUR PLAN!  Don't let the scale going up one week defeat you. Pout for 40 minutes, and get back on track! Track those extra foods, don't ignore them!