I'll be singing and playing keys this weekend. I think it might be a  little early, but Although I don't think I'll sound "back to normal," I do think I'll be able to perform. It might be interesting...I've noticed already, the benefit of having those darn tonsils removed. The constant tickle in my throat, that makes me cough all day, is already better. I still have swollen tissue so It's not completely better yet, but it's getting there. I'm excited to  be able to use my voice without having to worry about IF I'll be able to perform.

This Friday, I'll be at The Veranda Lounge at Pioneer Place from 9 to Midnight, and then I'll be with my singing partner, Todd Wohl, Saturday night, "Boots & Spurs" at The Hideaway Bar in Rockville From 8 to 11 pm.

In the picture above, my nephew Brody, whose holding my Great Nephew Sawyer, is also a musician. He will be performing with me soon in Princeton, along with my son Drew Howard. Below is some of my shows that are scheduled over the next couple months. I hope to see you there:


9-2-16:   Kelly Cordes         The Veranda Lounge at Pioneer Place St Cloud
9-3-16: Boots & Spurs         The Hideaway Bar in Rockville
10-24-16: Power Cordes         Shooters in Princeton
10-16-16    Kelly Cordes         The Water's Edge on Pleasant Lake
10-22-16  Power Cordes         Moonshines in Princeton