Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Emily Wickersham

Summary: Jill (Seyfried) comes home one morning to find her sister Molly (Wickersham) is missing. Suddenly, she is convinced that the man who abducted her a year ago has returned and now has Molly. She frantically runs to the police for help but they have a hard time believing her due to her history with mental illness. Now it’s up to Jill to work out the clues and track down her sister’s kidnapper before it’s too late.

While I love Amanda Seyfried as an actress I had a really hard time liking her character in this movie. She’s too manic and obsessed in her pursuit of the villain to be anything but annoying. Also, I wish the villain himself had been more interesting. When he’s finally revealed in the movie my only thought was “Really?” While the movie starts out a bit interesting it quickly becomes disappointing and ridiculous to the point of boredom. The movie is only an hour and a half but it feels longer because of its anti-climactic conclusion.

Rated: PG-13 – For violence and terror, some sexual material, brief language, and drug references.

Grade: C