HUTCHINSON -- A 17-year-old Hutchinson boy was taken to a Twin Cities Hospital for treatment after he was stabbed by another Hutchinson 17-year-old boy Saturday morning.

Police say the victim was taken to HCMC for treatment of a stab wound to the upper-left chest area.

The suspect was taken into custody Saturday morning shortly after the incident. The McLeod County Attorney’s office has filed a Juvenile Delinquency Petition with the courts, charging the male with Attempted 1st Degree Assault and 2nd Degree Assault.

Police says their investigation discovered the victim had tried to buy some items from a female for an agreed price of $300. When the victim and the female met for the transaction, a disagreement occurred and only $100 was paid to the female. The female reported to her brother what had occurred. The female’s brother and the victim then agreed to meet at the Hutchinson Rec Center parking lot. At that time, the two males exited their vehicles and the victim was stabbed by the female’s brother.

Authorities did not say what the transaction involved.

This story is courtesy of KDUZ in Hutchinson.