They might be in love with their lizard, cockatiel or guinea pig, but they'll have to leave them at home this Tuesday, as hundreds of pet lovers and owners rally for animal rights at the Capital in St. Paul for Humane Lobby Day.

An organization called Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection is teaming up with the Humane Society of the United States to give you a chance to let your state legislators know that animal issues matter to you and that you’d like them to support animal protection legislation.

At Humane Lobby Day participants learn about animal legislation and issues currently before the legislature, and then head out to meet with representatives. There will be a briefing on tips for lobbying and an overview of pending animal legislation which prepare "inexperienced animal lover lobbyists" to meet their elected officials.

Christine Coughlin, the President of Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection talked about the importance of animal rights issues on The Pete & Doug Show today (Feb 27). She outlined a couple of important issues that many animal lovers may not be aware of, including the The Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation bill (H.F. 84)  which has passed both the House Civil Law and Public Safety Finance & Policy Committees and is now on its way to be heard in the House Government Operations Committee on Tuesday, the same day as the Humane Lobby Day.

Christine says If you wish to participate and actually get face-time with your legislators, you need to pre-register here, but if you want to just show up and lend support, you're more than welcome. You can get directions and where to go here.

Listen to Christine Coughlin on The Pete & Doug Show