The Kettle Corn Makers
Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News


SAUK RAPIDS - The fourth day of the Benton County Fair brought a new question to my head. How are some of our favorite fair foods made? I decided to learn how to make my favorite, Kettle Corn.


I found Kermit Wellman and his wife Jeanie as they were just getting ready to make their first batch of popcorn for the day. Wellman says it's a simple process.

First of all we add one scoop of oil. Then we add one big cup of popcorn. Then we add about a cup and a third of sugar. We dump it, we add the salt, stir it up, bag it up, and hopefully we sell it.

Caramel Kettle Corn
Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News


From start to finish the process takes about six to seven minutes. One batch fills six large bags, and six to eight small bags. Wellman says that depends on how big the kernels were popping for that batch. By the end of the week the Wellman's are going to make about 400 lbs. of Kettle Corn.


This is the Wellman's fifth year at the Benton County Fair. They once again have two varieties of Kettle Corn to chose from.

Caramel Corn, we mix butterfly popcorn and mushroom popcorn together. You add a caramel mixture to it, and popcorn salt to it. Otherwise the process is the same.

The Benton County Fair isn't the only stop for the Wellman's. They make multiple trips around Minnesota to make their Kettle Corn. They also make trips to Florida and Texas.

Check out the video below where Kermit Wellman explains the machine that pops all the Kettle Corn.