If you think online dating is less about meeting someone perfect and more about getting as many dates as possible, this information might be for you.

There was a new study recently that conducted a survey and analyzed dating profiles. What they were looking for were the most common things that people put in their profiles. So..if you put THESE things in your profile, in theory... it should make you compatible with WAYYYY more people... Even if you're lying..Here goes. Which one do you think is the correct profile


Hi. My name is _____________________. I love to take care of myself, so I try to eat healthy...I love salads and getting in a good walk. I'm a home body so I don't go out much. But if I stay home, I like to watch romantic dramas and adventure movies. I love cats, and country music. I love to read fiction books and I love to laugh.



Hi.  My name is _____________________. Do you like to go out to eat? Me too! I would have to say my favorite restaurant is Italian. I love going out with friends, but if I stay home, I love to watch comedies. I also love dogs. I'm a huge rock and pop music fan. I love to read autobiographies and have a very dry sense of humor.

The profile with the most common things that get like is, number 2.