Okay...So maybe you're not the one that needs help here.  Maybe you're the one that talks to everybody.  Maybe you're the one that gets detention for talking in class.  If that's you, you have the ability to communicate. But have you ever seen those kids that just don't know what to say?  You say hello...they just stare?  They make you feel uncomfortable? The good news is that they probably DO want to talk to you....They just don't know HOW to do it.  Let's try to give them some pointers on more socially interactive.  The more social you are, the better your experiences will likely be.


We all have to start somewhere.  Think of this as an experiment.  This can be done by a simple greeting with a smile, a firm handshake, and looking the party that you are greeting directly in the eye.  They key to this:  Make them feel comfortable and at home.  You can compliment them...Inquire about them.  "I love those shoes. Hey...are you in Mr. Johnson's Social Studies class with me?"  Get a conversation started.  Don't feel bad if it doesn't take off right away.  You may be trying to start a conversation with someone else that really doesn't know how to communicate well.  Just be nice...and patient.



There are lots of activities in school.  Even if you don't want to be the star on the football team, or be "in the play"....you can still volunteer to assist.  Maybe you can be the person that is behind the scenes setting up the stage....Maybe you can work with the guys on the football team...helping them at practice.  Maybe you can volunteer to work at your school store.  Whatever it might be...getting involved in activities can help.



Most of the time, if you feel uncomfortable, it's all in your head.  No one else knows that you feel that way.  Sometimes you just have to fake it til you make it.  Still to this day, I'm afraid to meet new people. But I put a smile on...look them directly in the eye...smile...shake their hand and ask something about the person to get to know them...I also look for something that they say which will help me remember their name.  Maybe they say they are a teacher....or they have 3 cats....I sometimes use that picture association to remember them.  Welcome them to the team....ask them what time they have lunch?  Ask if they like sports?  Just get to know them and remember, they may be shy.  Each time you see that person, you typically will get more comfortable talking to them.