HOLDINGFORD - Holdingford has begun the process of replacing their well-known elementary school playground called the "Dream Catcher".

Superintendent Chris Swenson says it's not just any ordinary playground.

One thing I learned about it very fast is that it's a cherished part of this community.

Swenson says it's significant because it was a community build project that was originally done about 30 years ago. The playground was dismantled and moved when the new elementary school was built, again using community volunteers.

The Dream Catcher attracts families from surrounding communities that come to play. The new "Dream Catcher II" is planned to be built in mid-August, which will be another community effort.

I've heard stories about when they did it the first time, they still talk about that.

He says its been interesting to hear what the kids want.

Some are more reasonable than others - we're not going to put a hot tub out there.  But the kids ideas were really great.

Swenson says they also want to make sure that there's something for kids of all age levels.

A lot of the things that have come up from 4th, 5th and 6th graders is an American Ninja Warriors style course.

Cost to build the new playground is estimated at about $250,000. The school district has budgeted $200,000 for the project, the rest of the money will have to come from fundraising.

Swenson says some elements from the current playground will remain, to honor the efforts made by the community 30 years ago.

Current Dream Catcher playground, photo courtesy of Holdingford schools