ST. CLOUD - Local entrepreneurs have a chance to sell their products in a major department store. Herberger's is expanding their "Close to Home" initiative to at least 100 more stores, including the one in downtown St. Cloud. The program by Herberger's parent company Bon Ton's features merchandise from local artisans.

Spokeswoman Christine Hojnacki says the vendors they select will have their items featured both in the stores and online.

We treat them like any major vendor that we would have in our company. We actually buy the product outright from them, and we sell them.  So we take complete responsibility for all of the products we buy from local makers and local vendors.

Hojnacki says the initial launch of the program was last fall, and those items will be available in the St. Cloud store by next week. Right now they're looking for new entrepreneurs to launch their products this fall.

The merchandise is really anything from candles, accessories, to women's apparel, bar ware, jewelry, etc. We're really looking for those one-of-a-kind items.

Hojnacki says the idea of buying local products from small entrepreneurs has been well received.

We've really made some great partnerships with the local makers and small business owners in the communities, and they are just loving it. Even if they have another small store, this really gets their brand and brand awareness out there. Its been fun to work with them.

She says you do have to live in a state that has a Herberger's store. The deadline to apply is March 24th.