SARTELL -- Emotions ran high regarding where the proposed Sartell Community Center will sit.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting, several members of the council were questioning on whether they were ready to move on with putting a final vote on the official site of the community center.

The council voted 3-2 in favor of the Ferche Town Square location as the future home of the community center.

City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says HMA Architects can now begin drawing up blue prints on the community center, while the city begin a development agreement regarding a land swap for the Ferche Town Square property in exchange for the Heritage property.

Last month, the city decided on three possible locations to build the community center -- Ferche Town Square (next to Chateau Waters), Heritage (along Heritage Drive) and Villcheck (next to Pinecone Central Park). The city does not own the Ferche Town Square property.

The presentation looked at the highlights and concerns in regards to building the facility. Mack says The Ferche Town Square location is more shovel ready with utilities and roads set up with the construction of Chateau Waters, while the Villcheck would be the most expensive with soil concerns and the amount of required improvements needed.

Council members David Peterson and Amy Braig-Lindstrom were opposed to making a decision on a site at this time. Peterson felt the council was "trying to fit a square peg in a round hole" and the city needed to look at other options. While Braig-Lindstrom felt "the whole process has been troubling."

Council members Steve Hennes and Pat Lynch felt now was the time to make a decision. Hennes says the city has been talking about a community center for years and "it's time to move on." While Lynch says he was "in favor of what the Ferche Town Square site has to offer the community."

Back in June, the council voted the total cost of the project would be about  $10-million, however a total cost on the project has not been voted on.

Designs for the community center would include amenities such as gymnasiums and locker rooms, senior center, library, community multi-purpose space, administrative space, parking, and future expansions such as an outdoor aquatic center.

The city would like to begin construction on the community center next Spring or Summer.