ELK RIVER -- The 125th Anniversary of the Sherburne County Fair takes place this weekend and the heat wave doesn't just affect us.

The heat is just a gruesome to the animals at the fair as it is to us. The only difference is they can't go away, so extra precaution must be taken to make sure our four legged friends are comfortable.

"Some of the animals travel with ice packs or with fans on them," says Sue Oelke. "We just purchased as whole bunch more fans this year just so all the animals have lots and lots of air."

Since animals can't talk, Sue says there are different signs they look for to see if the animal is over heated.

"Each animal has their own way to tell you they are over heated," says Oelke. "Chicks will lay out on the ground, chickens and goats will start panting."

So to ensure the animals safety they must be monitored throughout the hot and humid day.

"You just need to keep watching the animals to see if they look comfortable," says Oelke. "If they look like they are still over-heated then you have to keep moving the fans until they look comfortable."

The fair goes until July 21st.


the 125th Annual Sherburne County Fair kicks off this weekend. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)