SARTELL -- Great River Regional Library services may finally be coming to Sartell, but not through a traditional branch system.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting, the council voted 3-2 in approval for a resolution to bring in a Local Material Delivery/Return service model to pick up and drop off library books.

City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says the model works as a locker system to deposit and pickup library books and other materials.

"You indicate what materials you want, you let the library know to deliver them to the Sartell location and then you get notified when they are they and you have a certain time frame to pick them up," says Degiovanni.

The cost to start a local material and delivery return system is between $14,500 and $45,000, depending on the number of compartments, with operational costs between $3,500 and $5,000 per year.

Great River Regional Library will help run the service, however, an anonymous donor has already agreed to fund the starting cost for the library service.

Degiovanni says the system would provide more convenient access to library materials for residents without having to travel to St. Cloud or Waite Park.

"Having the system at the community center achieves our goal of having it be a multi-purpose facility. You can have the service there and get your book while taking your kids to their practice," says Degiovanni.

The Delivery/Return system would be house and operate in the new community center and depending on it's usage could expand in the future.

The GRRL board will now look over the request to give final approval. If approved the GRRL board and city of Sartell can figure out the best way to use the system and final operation costs.

Sartell residents have been pushing for the city to have a Great River Regional Library branch for a number of years