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AUTHOR'S NOTE: My mother always told me to try new things, so I am trying a new thing called "Granite Girl - Life In the Cloud", a weekly column that will be published on Tuesdays. This is my first article. I hope you like it.
This has probably happened to all of us at one point or another: A Wardrobe Malfunction. It may not have happened in front of a billion people at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and immortalized on You Tube, but maybe you've lost a back to an earring or spilled ketchup on your shirt. Don't panic. There are ways to fix it with every day office supplies.

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Your Zipper Gets Stuck


It could be the zipper on a jacket, purse, messenger bag, or even worse. The zipper on your pants. I had this happen before a presentation to company heads and I had to untuck my shirt before heading into the snake pit (aka the conference room) so I wouldn’t have my fly open in front of everyone. Don’t follow my lead on this one. The bottom part of my shirt was super wrinkled and it didn’t look professional at all, but it was better than showing off my bloomers. Instead, grab a number two pencil and run it up and down the teeth of the zipper a few times. The graphite in the pencil will act like lubrication and it will zip up and down again like normal.

Jen Jacobs

You Spill On Your Shirt


Been there, done that. Decided to slurp down a burger quick before a flight and I was eating this sloppy thing so fast, I didn’t see that ketchup had blobbed out and landed square on the middle of my blouse. I did happen to notice after I was already on the plane and had shot a couple of flirty glances to the gentleman across the aisle. If this happens to you and you do notice it, just gently wipe as much of it as you can off your clothing and instead of spending $5 on a laundry pre-treater stick or wipe, grab the dry-erase board cleaner. Start with a spritz or two and blot. Repeat as necessary until the stain comes out. Just remember to wash it ASAP when you get home.

Jen Jacobs

Fluffy Left A Fluffy Present On Your Pants


I have a pure white cat that LOVES my black clothing. She loves curling up in it immediately after I have washed my dark clothes and rid them of cat hair. She finds them impossible to resist when they’re fresh out of the dryer, warm and smelling good. Can’t say I blame her, but when your cat or dog sheds all over your clothes, you don’t have to spend money on a lint brush for your desk. Just grab a UPS or FedEx shipping pouch. Put the pouch on like a glove and rub it over the hair a few times. If you don’t have a shipping pouch handy, packing tape works just the same.

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Your Seam or Hem Rips


Throw on a skirt or pants one day, only to get to work and notice that your hem has torn or the seam has popped? Don’t panic. Grab your stapler! Turn the item inside out and put a couple of staples in the tear until you can sew it up or get it to the tailor. Works the same as pins and you don’t have to worry about sticking yourself.

Jen Jacobs

Shoe Scuffs


I had the cutest pair of black sandals and clumsy me, I managed to scuff them within hours of taking them out of the box. Instead of taking them back to the store or ditching them in the back of my closet never to be seen again, I grabbed a Sharpie marker and colored in the scuff. Sharpies come in a variety of colors, so they don’t just have to be black shoes. Just don’t try it on clothing or it will stain.

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Your Earring Back Has Fallen Off

I had a pair of stud earrings that my Dad gave me and I lost the back somehow. I didn’t want to take them out and risk losing the earrings all together. I just tore the eraser off a pencil (probably the one I used fixing my zipper) and popped it onto the post. The eraser (and the earring) stayed in place until I got home and could replace the back.