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FOLEY -- While most people will be having fun over hunting season, Grand Champion Meats in Foley will be preparing for the large amount of work that comes with it.

Deer hunting season is the busiest time of year for the meat locker.

Kelly Gall Washa runs Grand Champion Meats and says they stop butchering beef just to focus on hunting season.

"We take the first two weeks of hunting season off from butchering just because we would never be able to keep up the the demand."

Grand Champion Meats opened in 1971, and continues to strive to be the best by providing quality products.

"We started with my dad's recipes like the brats and regular sausages, to now some of the meat I created like steak and cheese brats, and jalapeno brats."

This year Foley locker will be offering 35 different products to hunters, as well as even butchering their deer.

"All they need to do is make an appointment and we will skin and package the deer so it's ready for pick up."

Washa says a friendly and knowledgeable staff is what helps make them strive to be the best.



Grand Champion Meats begin to butcher latest deer. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)