MILACA -- Stones Throw Golf Course in Milaca is celebrating 60 years of golf in a friendly environment this year.

The course's manager, Wendy Hoeck, says Stones Throw was established by a small group of volunteers in the mid-1950s.

"They were a group of [about a dozen] friends and they wanted a golf course in their town," Hoeck says. "They went door-to-door asking people for $100 so they could build greens."

Sixty years later, Stones Throw is a scenic and enjoyable gold course that has seen 62 hole-in-ones in its lifetime.

"We like to think we're one of the best-kept secrets in Central Minnesota," Hoeck says.

Hoeck has managed Stones Throw for the past 19 years says the course has seen its share of changes (including an expansion that finished in 2001), but some things remain the same.

"We do have our regulars," Hoeck says. "And some of those guys have been coming for almost all of the years the course has been open."

"That's one of the most fun parts about [being here], it's almost like family."

Stones Throw is hosting an open house event celebrating its anniversary on Sunday, May 3rd.


Photo Courtesy of Wendy Hoeck