FARMING TOWNSHIP -- A bar in Stearns County's Farming Township may be getting a new name and a new liquor license holder.

The Stearns County Board of Commissioners Tuesday approved a 3.2% liquor license for Goatroper's current manager Stephanie Jacobs. Jacobs is poised to take over the bar and give it a new name in the event current owner Anthony Thelen is convicted on any of the charges against him.

Thelen is charged with 24 felonies involving tax crimes including under-reporting food and alcohol sales, failing to pay withholding taxes on employee wages and failing to file personal income taxes.

The county board renewed Thelen's liquor license last summer with a provision that it be immediately revoked if he is convicted of a felony or gross misdemeanor. The license will only be issued to Jacobs if Thelen loses his license. Jacobs would then need to apply for a full liquor license.

Thelen has a jury trial scheduled to start Tuesday.