ST. CLOUD-- It's the love  they all share for motorhomes that brought the GMC Motorhome Club together for a four day celebration at the  St. Cloud Campground.

An interest that started back in 1991 still continues to bring people like Bob Miller and his wife back.

"I think its just the sort of pride the fact that we have these motorhomes that were built in the 70's and they still look beautiful" says Miller

As the club celebrated its 25th anniversary rally one thing that hasn't changed since 1991 is the spark of interest the motorhomes have on people. Something Jonathan Roche is well familiar with.

"I have two little girls and we like camping and tenting in the rain was frustrating. So i decided we needed something a little more enclosed and i choose the motorhome" says Roche

It's the shared ideas and common interest says Bob that continues to bring people together each time the club hosts a rally.

"I guess i would have to say the most fun part for me is the people it's all about the people" says Miller

For those of you interested in joining the club the fee is $20 dollars a year and they do not turn people away. However it does help to have a motorhome.

You can find more information about the GMC Midwest Classics Club  on their website or their Facebook page.

Rebecca David, WJON