RICE - A man has been arrested for allegedly stalking two girls near Rice.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office says the incident happened on Sunday at about 12:30 p.m. on County Road 2, just east of Rice. Two 14-year-old girls say they were walking along side the road when they were approached by a man in a car. He asked them where they were going. The girls told him they were going to McDonald's. He offered them a ride, which the refused. He then told them that he'd see them at McDonald's. One of the girls called their mother to come pick them up. As the mother picked them up near the Shepard of the Pines church, they saw the man in his car in the church parking lot. He is then accused of running toward the girls and chasing after their vehicle. The girls gave a description of the driver and his vehicle to deputies.

On Monday deputies found a vehicle matching the description on Benton County Road 2. The owner of the vehicle is 32-year-old Ryan Soyka. He admitted to being the man who talked to the girls.

He has been arrested and is facing charges of Stalking and Disorderly Conduct.