Men are so hard to shop for. I got one of Glen's gifts as we were standing in the store buying the same thing for someone else. I overheard him say he wanted the same thing and wished they had two. After that, I'm stuck. Until I ran across some of these ideas.

For the Gamer

Does your man like old school video games? I remember playing Tetris until my eyes crossed. Now the games on our phones are all tap and swipe, however, the iPega Game Controller is a video game controller that turns his smart phone into an old school gaming system. It's a wireless gaming pad that connects to the phone using Blue Tooth technology and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. It retails for $29.

For the Sports Fan

Sure, a jersey or Fat Head of their favorite player is cool, but everyone has those. How about a throwback hand crafted leather football, basketball or baseball from Paul Cunningham? Each ball is made to order using leather from a tannery in Maine. They can also be personalized and sewn with their favorite team colors. They retail starting at $38.

For the Music Lover

Does your man always have his ear buds in? Does he always wake up to music? Does he love having music going in the background when he's working at home or in the garage? Get him the Smartphone Radio Dock. It looks like an old transistor radio, but his smart phone goes where the radio dial would be. It has a USB port that connects the speakers and the phone so he can also charge his phone while he's rocking out. It retails for $40.

For the Car Lover

Glen still has his old Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars in a closet in our house. Every time we have to buy for a little boy, Glen makes a bee line for the toy cars. Without fail, it's the first aisle he goes for. Well, now you can bring his childhood back with the Hot Wheels Car Maker Play Set. That's right. You don't have to go to the store and buy him the new cars. He can make his own. It comes with a press, molds, wax sticks for the bodies, three chassis and stickers so he can customize and trick out his cars. It retails for $35.