This past year was definitely a roller coaster ride for me. My co host Chad encouraged me to get back to doing things that I find myself so to start a healing process from broken relationships...if you will. I never realized what a great stress reliever it would be, nor did I realize all the opportunities that would arise because of it.


Years ago, I taught piano and voice lessons in Kentucky. I was working as a studio musician, singing harmonies and playing piano on clients projects. One of our co workers, Barry, asked me If I was interested in teaching again, because he knew of a school looking for a teacher. I looked into it, and it was a great deal.

Forte Music Academy in Albertville asked me to teach lessons for their students. Every Tuesday, I head over to Albertville, and teach vocal and piano lessons.

I've met some interesting and talented young people from around the area. I feel this is one of those situations where you give and get at the same time. I love to teach music to young see their eyes light up when they accomplish a new task. I'm probably the busiest I've been in years, but with everything I'm doing, I' m thankful that I'm able and that it's making a difference in others peoples lives, as well as my own.