ST. CLOUD - Being inside St. Cloud State University's 3D printing lab is like getting a glimpse of the future.

Unlike 2D printing 3D printing produces physical objects you can hold. Each object is built layer by layer and can be made out of different materials.

St. Cloud State's College of Science and Engineering Program Director, Bob Steffen says 3D printers are printing plastic, metal, biomass and food.

"There's a printer out there that prints pizza...not quite sure what it tastes like but is does print pizza." -Steffen

A printer that prints pizza, this sounds similar to the Star Trek Replicator (food synthesizer). Was Gene Roddenberry right about the future?

A wide range of students take the 3D printing courses including engineering majors and art majors. Steffen says the job outlook for those looking for a career involving 3D printing is favorable.

SCSU's 3D printing lab is in the ISELF building. Any student can talk with an adviser to see if they can take a course in 3D printing.

Chrissy Gaetke, WJON