ST. CLOUD -- Six kids from Life Assembly of God church in St. Cloud will be heading to Concord, North Carolina on Thursday for the national Junior Bible Quiz competition.

The kids range from fourth grade to sixth grade and call themselves the Funky Town Monkeys. This is the second year that the team has qualified to compete at the national level.

The group has spent the school year reviewing 576 questions relating the Bible to help prepare themselves for the random questioning in Concord. Pastor Neil Dezelske says the group will be up against about 80 qualifying teams who are among the top in the nation.

The Funky Town Monkeys took seventh place at the regional competition which landed them a spot at nationals. Dezelske says these kids know more facts about the Bible than some pastors.

The opening ceremony for the competition kicks off Thursday and the quizzing gets underway on both Friday and Saturday.

Funky Town Monkeys team

  • Morgan Peltz
  • Emma Hoffman
  • Tom Hoffmann
  • Zach Rothwell
  • Noah Rothwell
  • Megan Bartlett