ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud Tech High School is known for it's fierce mascot, the tiger and also for it's rich history within the local community.

Tech first opened its doors in 1917 and served as the only high school in St. Cloud until Apollo High School opened.

The school underwent renovations in the 1960s to add a new pool and a new gymnasium. Today the old pool has been boarded up and the former gym is the currently home to the library.

Robert Boatz has been a math professor at Tech for 44 years. He says he has taught thousands of students including a few professional athletes like baseball player, Jim Eisenreich and football player, Jim Fahnhorst.

Eisenreich and Fahnhorst were both inducted into the Tech High School Hall of Fame.

The school has about 300 graduating seniors each year and nearly 1,300 students in grades nine through 12.

Boatz says Tech offers the largest Advanced Placement program in the area and students do very well in the courses. The AP classes include psychology, history, reading and more.

Boatz says even though there is a new student turnover each year, the building and operations have remained nearly the same since opening its doors nearly a century ago.

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