ST. CLOUD -- It's a place for both the young and the young at heart which is why the Skatin' Place leads us into our 4th week of WJON's Frozen In Time series.

The Skatin' Place originally broke ground in 1969 and opened a year later. The current owners took over in the 1980's.

Since then, the Skatin' Place has been a popular hot spot for birthday parties, lazer tag and roller skating.

Operations manager, Jeff Jackson says there are many people that drive long distances to come to the Skatin' Place because it's one of the only places like still around in the area.

Jackson says the quad skates are easier to skate in if you're a beginner because the wheels are set up to have better balance when you're standing. He adds that they are also good for doing tricks and spins.

Not only are they known for skating, but they've also been featured in books and news stories for their alleged haunted location.

Jackson says it's become the joke among the staff whenever something unexplainable happens.

The Skatin' Place is open Sunday through Saturday. For a scheduled time of operating hours visit their website.

See a video of the Skatin' Place below.