ST. CLOUD -- The Paramount Theatre has been a staple for arts and entertainment in the St. Cloud area since first opening in 1921.

Originally known as the Sherman Theatre, it was both a movie theatre and a Vaudeville theatre. The first movie showing was the now classic film, Way Down East which opened on Christmas Eve in 1921.

In 1928, Paramount Pictures bought the Sherman and turned it into what is today known as the Paramount Theatre.

Executive Director, Tony Goddard says in the early 20th Century it was the hot spot for movies, art and entertainment. It had the capacity to seat 1,700 people.

In the Early 1980's there was a series of fires that severely damaged the building and its 1920's decor.

The most damaging fire happened on January 15, 1985 costing an estimated $60,000.

It wasn't until the end of the 1980's that a group of residents decided to preserve the building and its history.

Restoration continues still today. In 2011, the theatre welcomed back the original two chandeliers which have been missing since the fire.

One item still missing from the Paramount is the theatre's original organ. Goddard says he doesn't know where they'd put if they found it, but they'd love to have it.

See video of the Paramount Theatre below.