ST. CLOUD -- For Rebecca Dean, owning an ice cream truck brings back childhood memories of staying at her cousin's house chasing down their local ice cream truck.

Dean's business is among a few still around in the St. Cloud area, keeping it Frozen In Time.

Dean bought The Ice Cream Machine about a year ago. She says she likes being able to do a job that brightens people's day.

She sells a variety of frozen treats both well-known and some locally made.

She carries a brand called Jonnypops which were founded locally by students from St. Olaf College.

The idea came about when founder, Erik Burst's cousin Jonathan died at the age of 22 from a drug addiction. Part of the proceeds go to the Hazelden Foundation.

In addition to selling the frozen treats in local neighborhoods Dean says she's also present at some local community events and does private parties.

Like many ice cream trucks, Dean's has a signature jingle that can be heard as she drives around local neighborhoods.

Customer, Max Tarnowski says hearing the jingle brings back memories of when he would ask his mom for money to chase down the ice cream truck.

Dean says since she's been in business she's never had a grumpy customer.

She says people of all ages share have shared their personal stories of previous ice cream truck encounters with her, which is one of the reasons she continues her work today.

See a video of The Ice Cream Machine below.