BRAHAM -- The Day Fish Company in Braham is well-known throughout Minnesota and on a national level for supplying a Norwegian holiday  tradition -- Lutefisk.

Lutefisk is a fish that is soaked in water for several days and then soaked again in a lye solution.

The fish company opened in 1968 in the old creamery building and has been open seasonally from October 1st through January 30th.

Brothers Walter and Roy Bolling co-owned the company and began housing tanks filled with lye solution to soak their lutefisk.

The brothers eventually moved the operation to the old brick creamery office leaving the creamery building abandoned but is still standing today.

The lutefisk fillets come to the Day Fish Company dried and dehydrated from Norway. They get one shipment a year that weighs more than 30 tons.

The owners soak the fish in water for a few days and than in the lye solution for about five to seven days. The fish soak up the water and lye causing it to puff up. The fillets are again soaked in water for about five more days before they are ready to be sold.

Katherine Taute has been working at the Day Fish Company for nearly 13 years. She says the fillets sell fast and are very popular now through the end of December.

Lutefisk isn't the only type of fish they sell. They carry Canadian Walleye, pickled and creamed herring from Newfoundland and smoked fish from Wisconsin.

You can watch your lutefisk fillets get picked out from one of the eight tanks and weighed.

Taute says their paperwork is still done the old fashioned way by using a paper and pencil.

David Bolling is the owner's nephew and says he hopes to keep it a family business going.

See a video of the Day Fish Company below.