FREEPORT -- In our 25th installment of our weekly Frozen In Time series we traveled to Freeport for the latest on Charlie's Cafe.

The eatery first opened as Freeport Cafe back in 1957. The original owner, Dennis Heidgerken sold the business to his brother Charlie Heidgerken two years later.

Charlie moved the cafe to its current location along Main Street and changed the name to Charlie's Cafe.

Charlie eventually sold the business to his brother Bud Heidgerken in 1999.

Current owner, Jesse Job has been working at Charlie's since he was a teenager. He says he started work as a dishwasher. After college he says he invested everything he had into the cafe when he took over.

One loyal customer is 102 years old and eats at the cafe almost every day. Job says he has many frequent customers that eat at the cafe multiple times a day.

The restaurant is perhaps best known for two things, their caramel rolls and their tie to Garrison Keillor's fictional tales of Lake Woebegon. Job says Keillor had a designated spot at the cafe where he'd eat and write.

Keillor signed a poster that is displayed on the walls stating that Charlie's is the true home of Lake Woebegon.

Charlie's delivers a unique homemade menu in a small town atmosphere keeping it frozen in time.