Jim Voight and his brother Allen own and operate the only blacksmith shop in Rice, a business that's been in the family since 1936.

Their uncle, Fred Fiedler originally bought the Blacksmith shop from a man who had owned it since 1916.

Fiedler's interest in the industry started during his days living on a farm with eight brothers and sisters, his job was to fix and repair farm equipment. 

In 1945, Fiedler switched the location of the building to a shop along Main-street, not far from their former building adjacent its the current address.

He and his brother-in-law Roman Voight became business partners and co-owners.They eventually sold the business to Roman's son Jim in the 1970s.

Jim went into business with his brother Allen who is a current co-owner and blacksmith.

Many of the tools used in the shop today are the original used at the turn of the century when the business originally opened. Jim has had some tools appraised which date back to the the early 1900s.

With just three blacksmiths, the shop continues to keep up with a growing demand. They serve customers locally, from across the country and internationally.

Allen says there's not too many small town blacksmith shops around anymore, but they've found a way to stick around.

See a video of Rice Blacksmith Saw and Machine below.