ST. CLOUD - The "Friends of Clark Field" group is hosting a community meeting on Monday night to develop an action plan for the restoration of the field.

The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. in the Lake George Municipal Complex. Friends of Clark Field will be working to partner with the Lake George community, Tech Alumni Association, Tech Football Boosters, early childhood leaders, the city of St. Cloud and the St. Cloud area school board and administration.

The hope is to develop a plan that will balance the strategy of all parties involved.

The St. Cloud area school district announced they were halting demolition of Clark Field on Monday night while they consider all other options for a future site to place early childhood education programs.

The district originally had a plan to put in a $25 million building on the field for early childhood education, community education, adult basic education, the district welcome center, media services and the administrative offices.

District 742 superintendent Willie Jett made the announcement after numerous community members reached out to the district, urging them to maintain the field as green space.

The district is now up against the clock to find a long-term future location for their early childhood education programs. A need was created for an early childhood education building when the Roosevelt site, the original home for the programs, was damaged in a fire last summer. The programs were temporarily moved to the old Kennedy building in St. Joseph while the district looked in St. Cloud to build a long-term state of the art early childhood facility.

The district has since sold the building to St. Joseph and needs to vacate it by July 1st 2017. Jett said during the meeting that they need to work fast to find an alternate plan for the programs, or the district will run out of time to create an early childhood facility.