ST. CLOUD -- The Stearns County trial of a Freeport farmer accused in a raw milk selling case has been pushed back to August. It had been scheduled to start Monday.

The charges against Alvin Schlangen have also been amended to drop the raw milk charge against him.

Schlangen's trial has been moved to August 13th.

Prosecutors have dropped the charge involving unpasteurized milk. In a statement released by the Stearns County Attorney's Office, prosecutors say witness interviews determined the quantity of raw milk at Schlangen's farm was insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the milk was held for sale rather than personal use.

Schlangen still faces charges of failure to have a food handler's license, failure to properly refrigerate eggs, holding unbranded or misbranded food for sale, removal of embargoed food products, and possessing custom processed meat for sale.

In October, a Hennepin County jury found Schlangen not guilty of selling raw milk, operating without a food handler’s license and handling adulterated food.