ST. PAUL - A former state representative from St. Cloud is suing Governor Mark Dayton and the state of Minnesota, trying to block the construction of a new office building for the state Senate.

Jim Knoblach says the $90 million is a waste of money.

Knoblach's lawsuit claims the building is unconstitutional because funding for it was in the tax bill, not in a bonding bill - which is how new state buildings are typically funded.

Knoblach is paying for the lawsuit with his own money, but he has set-up a website for people who want to help, that's

Knoblach says he has not contacted Governor Mark Dayton, or Democratic leaders, about his lawsuit.

He says he's hoping to get a decision on his lawsuit in 5-6 months, while the legislature is still in session.

He says he's not filing the lawsuit as a publicity stunt, and that he has ruled out a run for the Sixth Congressional District.