FOLEY -- The former City Clerk in Rice has been charged with stealing money from the city coffers.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Benton County, 45-year-old Marie Weinand called the city attorney in early March and said she could no longer live with herself and that she had taken $2,200 from the city without authorization. Money was taken on two separate occasions in 2014.

Weinand then faxed in her letter of resignation.

Weinand later told the City Attorney she'd write a $900 check to the city and they could garnish her last check for the remainder of the money. Weinand later left the $900 check in the city's drop box.

Records show Weinand had written out an extra payroll check to herself worth $1,341.91 in May 2014 and then deposited it into the Pine Country Bank. A second check which was the actual payroll check for that time period was also written out to Weinand in the same amount and this time was signed by Weinand and the mayor. She then cashed it shortly after.

The complaint shows Weinand received 27 payroll checks compared to the 26 paychecks other employees received in 2014.

A summons has been issued for Weinand to appear in Benton County Court on charges of theft, theft by swindle and temporary theft.