ST. CLOUD -- This issue of requiring a photo I.D. to vote is gaining momentum at the State Legislature.

It was the topic of a lot of discussion on WJON this (Tuesday) morning on "Two Cent Tuesday".  One of the callers was former DFL Representative Larry Haws of St. Cloud.  He says he believes it will pass and become law.  And he says he has his feet "firmly planted on both sides of the issue".  However, he says one area that should be addressed first is how homeless people vote.

Haws says women staying at Anna Marie's shelter would also be affected.  He says directors at those shelters should be allowed to vouch for them.

He says, under the bill, he also would have been denied the right to vote while he recovered from brain surgery at the St. Ben's short term facility.

He says he's okay with the bill, as long as several of the unintended consequences are corrected.  He says, under the bill, students at St. Cloud State University could use their college I.D., but the students at St. Ben's and St. John's could not.