FOLEY -- After going through nearly 100 pounds of potatoes, Amy Marquard of Foley discovered the secret to making fast and easy lefse.

Marquard developed a new recipe for the popular Norwegian dessert while making pound after pound of lefse to sell to friends, to help fund her daughter's class trip to Spain.

Marquard's recipe uses only two potatoes which most lefse recipes call for a five pound bag. Marquard says her two potato recipe along with her modern lefse tools to make it easier to enjoy lefse all year long. 

The Minnesota mom created her own lefse tools to replace the bath towels and pastry board commonly used to make lefse.

Marquard designed both the Incredible Lefse Cloth and Original Lefse Cuddler. The cloth is a washable cotton cloth that lays on top of a rubber backing to prevent sliding while rolling and the Cuddler replaces the struggle of trying to cool your lefse in between layers of dish cloths.

The two potato recipe is an easy one to follow, start by peeling and cooking your potatoes. After cooking your potatoes you will can load them into your ricer, ricing insures the potatoes are lump free.

"Some people at this stage will beat the potatoes in like a KitchenAid stand mixer and you want to avoid that because by beating them it releases all the starch in the potato and eventually makes the lefse very tough," says Marquard.

After ricing, mix in butter, salt and sugar and let your dough cool in the fridge for three hours or in the freezer for 30 minutes.

When your dough is chilled add flour and form it into balls using a cookie scoop. After the dough balls are formed you can roll your dough onto the cloth, slice the stick all the way through, lift it up and cook on the hot griddle until tender.

When the lefse bubbles and is slightly brown in sections you can take it off the griddle and place it in the Cuddler to let it cool.

You can add anything you want to your lefse. Most people add butter and some type of sugar.  To get the full two potato recipe, products or sign up for lefse making classes, visit Marquard's website