ST. CLOUD -- The winner of the $1 million Powerball ticket sold in St. Cloud in November has finally stepped forward.

Shawn Walcheski of Denver, Colorado bought the winning ticket at Coborn's on 8th Street North in St. Cloud while he was visiting family in Minnesota for Thanksgiving.

Walcheski says he decided to wait to reveal he was the winner until the new year.

"In all reality I came home for Christmas to collect over Christmas but some wise people out there told me to wait until after New Year's strictly for tax purposes so I waited until January so I don't have to pay the taxes for 2016 on it."

Lavish, luxury items are not really what Walcheski is interested in buying with his new found fortune, instead he plans to invest in the future.

"I'm more thinking about the future than I am for today, I'll probably buy myself a new vehicle, I'll probably go on a vacation with some friends, I did splurge a little bit on my family for Christmas  more than I typically would have. But no this is more going to be used as an investment for the future than it is to just go buy some stuff."

Walcheski grew up in the Foley area and later moved to Hawaii then Colorado. He visits his family in Minnesota when possible and keeps busy working in business sales in Denver.