FOLEY -- Foley officials are trying to eliminate several problems concerning the downtown area.

Mayor Dave Mosford says parking downtown has been the biggest complain residents address.

Cars fill up parking spaces in downtown Foley. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)

"We have some businesses downtown that are not retail businesses and their employees take up most of the parking where costumers will tell them they won't come their because they can't park," says Mosford.

He says they have considered several options, like parallel parking spaces or restricted parking, that would help the local business.

"We have talked about restricted time on our parking or generate a parking lot specifically for the business," says Mosford.

The intersection of 4th Avenue and Dewy Street is also a heated topic. Mosford says because of their parking situations, when car approach the stop sign it's hard for cars to see cross traffic.

"People have a tendency to speed on Dewy and that creates a problem for people trying to cross the street," says Mosford. "They come to the stop sign on 4th Avenue but because of our angled parking they can't see if a car is approaching."

Mosford says they would also like to utilize vacant buildings and possibly transform them into a restaurant or two.

"Foley is a community where about 50% of our residence are retired and they like to have a place they can go have coffee and talk and we don't have a place like that in town," says Mosford.

He says he would like more community input regarding city issues and provides residence a chance to voice their opinions at every council meeting.


Residence have address concerns at the intersection of 4th Avenue and Dewey Street in downtown Foley. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)