FOLEY -- The Foley City Council has hired Katie Lang as the new interim Chief of Police.

Former police chief, Brant Standridge was relieved of his position on May 9th for reasons including personality conflicts and procedural concerns.

Lang is the senior most qualified candidate having been with the Foley Police Department for one year.

The council voted Monday night to put Lang on an hourly rate instead of salary. She says one of her goals as interim chief is to increase officer visibility within the public.

She previously worked with the Benton County Sheriff's Office as a road deputy and a jailer for three years.

Foley is in the process of deciding how they want to go about the hiring a new chief.

Depending upon how long the hiring process takes, the department may need to hire on a temporary full-time police officer.

Some council members suggested hiring Lang permanently even though she doesn't meet the eight years of experience requirement in the job description and hasn't taken the Emergency Management Classes.  She says she was surprised that she was considered for the position.

Depending upon how long the hiring process takes the police department may hire a temporary full-time officer. If Lang is hired as the new Chief of Police the temporary full-time position would become permanent.

The council decided to table the decision for a period of 60 days.