ST. CLOUD -- A nasal spray that fights the flu is in short supply at hospitals all over Minnesota, including in St. Cloud.

In a story from earlier this week, the state has reportedly received only 42 percent of the FluMist that was ordered.

FluMist is a no-needle alternative vaccine used on patients aged 2 to 49.

"[We] have ordered just over 5,000 doses and have received fewer than 2,000 as of Thursday," says Jeanine Nistler, Director of Communications for CentraCare Health. "So, we've received 39 percent of what we ordered."

Nistler says she doesn't know if the order will be fulfilled this flu season, but the hospital should get by with intravenous vaccinations.

"This [shortage] hasn't really caused a problem," Nistler says. "People who have come in for a vaccine -- or who have brought their children in -- have been willing to go with shots rather than the mist."

Reports say the FluMist company will be shipping more doses though November and into December.