ST. CLOUD -- This week in our "Fitness Friday" series on WJON, we see how Fad Diets are not always the best option to take.

Every where we turn we hear of multiple diets guaranteeing a "quick fix" solution to weight loss. But the truth is rarely do these Fad Diets work.

CentraCare Health Registered Dietician Diane Giambruno says often times Fad Diets limit specific food groups which isn't healthy for you.

"Fad Diets typically limit a food group so whether its limiting all fats or carbohydrates there is usually some sort of catch that is deemed the culprit," says Giambruno.

Giambruno says Fad Diets can be successful early on, but your chances of continuing the diet long term is slim.

"These types are diets are successful for someone if they can stay on it but quiet often they get bored of it and realize they are missing something and can't do it for a long period," says Giambruno.

She adds while you may fit into that outfit from using the diet, the pounds you lose doesn't stay away long.

"Most people, a huge percentage of people will gain that weight back after following a Fad Diet," says Giambruno.

If you are looking for a change in your diet she says to talk with a dietician who can help guide you in a healthier direction.


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